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Delicious Non–Dairy, Lactose Free, Diary Free Cheese Cookbook Recipes for Sale!

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Quirky Cheese

Learn to make a wonderful lactose and gluten-free cheese that is also vegan. Quirky Cheese is easy to prepare and perfect for anyone who is intolerant to dairy.


Learn to make a wide variety of lactose–free goodies. Our book, Quirky Cheese and Goodies to Enjoy With It, is a non–dairy cheese cookbook full of delicious recipes.

Proudly Offering Our Books Nationally and Internationally, including in Europe, Canada, Mexico, and South America

Who We Are

Learn to make delicious non–dairy cheese and use it in fantastic recipes. Quirky Cheese shows you how to create a wonderful cheese that people with dairy allergies or intolerances will love. Quirky Cheese and Goodies to Enjoy With It is a cookbook that explains exactly how to make the cheese using easily–available ingredients, and provides a wide variety of excellent recipes to make using the cheese.

The author created Quirky Cheese because of her own dairy allergies. We aim to bring joy to people who love cheese but thought they couldn't eat it.

Contact us in Fox Lake, Illinois, to enjoy the wonderful flavor of our non–dairy, gluten, lactose and/or dairy free cheese cooking book recipes.